Weddings and Parties

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Let us help you make your wedding reception, party or corporate event a memorable occasion.  We will work with you beforehand and agree a package for your event, whether it be a free bar, a pre-paid float to start the party off or a full cash-bar.

The agreed package can also include the various offerings from our streetfood kitchen.  This would be ideal for your relaxed evening food and we can cook up the following.

  • Lamb kofta kebabs
  • spicy marinated boneless legs of lamb
  • cajun-jerk chicken kebabs
  • falafels(Vg)
  • halloumi(V)
  • served in flatbreads with cabbage, onion, peppers, mint yoghurt and sriracha sauce.
  • Bacon cheeseburgers/vegetarian burgers in brioche bun with slaw, relish, gherkin, tomato
  • Sliced bavette steak with onions and chimmichurri sauce in a flatbread

We are also able to offer a selection of salads – orzo pasta with pesto, greek, potato, mixed leaves with feta and a selection of desserts – e.g. roulades, torte’s, cheesecakes, apple tarts

These can be sized/priced accordingly for the event and you would simply order and pay for the ordered quantities.

We like to keep things simple, the price of hiring us is just one standard booking fee.

Booking fee of £250, includes the following:

  • Secures your chosen date
  • Full wedding bar hire for the duration of your day
  • The option to customise the bar, including a full choice of drinks menu
  • A Temporary Event Notice to allow the sale of alcohol at your wedding
  • Two fully qualified, friendly members of staff to run the bar for your special day
  • Disposable glassware, straws and napkins

We would require a pre-paid security deposit if a free or pre-paid float is agreed plus if food is ordered this will also be required to be paid for 14 days before the event.

Please fill in the form below to provide us with the initial requirements for your day

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